Police conduct compliance checks on local sex offenders

Police conduct compliance checks on local sex offenders

NORTH PROVIDENCE – On Halloween, Oct. 31, members of the North Providence Police Detective Division conducted checks on those town residents identified as the most serious sex offenders.

All of those offenders checked were in compliance with restrictions and not passing out candy, according to police.

Compliance checks were made on 23 registered offenders, identified by Rhode Island Department of Corrections Probation and Parole office as sex offenders who were convicted of crimes against children.

There were 22 total sex offenders included as part of this Halloween check program last year.

Sex offenders with special provisions are generally not allowed to pass out Halloween candy.

Capt. Michael Paiva, commander of the Detective Division and pictured, said all 23 of those checked on were Level 2 or 3 offenders.

Of the offenders in town, these all committed the most serious offenses and committed crimes against children.

There are 54 total sex offenders in town, and the 31 other Level 1 offenders were not part of this program and did not commit crimes against children, Paiva told The Breeze.

Sex offenders are often transient by nature, said Paiva, making it important to keep track of those who might be coming in contact with children.

Detectives last week made contact with 18 of the 23 Level 2 and 3 sex offenders. None of the 18 were passing out candy, and the homes of the offenders not reached by police appeared to be empty and their lights off.

In most cases, those offenders convicted of crimes against children are not allowed to loiter at or visit locations where children are known to be on a regular basis.

The purpose of last week’s operation is to assure town residents that police will always attempt to be proactive when it comes to sex offenders and protecting the community from harm by any means legally permissible, states a release.

Police emphasize that such action is not intended to increase fear in the community.

Offenders are not wanted by police.