Former Supt. Morisseau sentenced

Former Supt. Morisseau sentenced

Bridget Morisseau, the former Supt. of Schools in North Providence, admitted in court today to embezzlement and fraudulent conversion after using her school department credit card for more than $4,500 in personal purchases.
Ordered to pay $9,434 in restitution

PROVIDENCE - Bridget Morisseau, the former Superintendent of Schools for North Providence, has accepted a plea deal in Providence County Superior Court related to her charges of embezzlement and fraudulent conversion and obtaining property under false pretenses.

Morisseau pleaded no contest last Friday to the second charge in a deal with the state that would drop the first charge.

Both offenses are felonies, stemming back to Morisseau's time as superintendent when she used a school-used, taxpayer-funded credit card for personal purchases.

She was sentenced to serve three years probation and must pay $9,434 in restitution to the Town of North Providence by this time next week. 

Morisseau did not comment when asked by The Valley Breeze, nor did she apologize to the taxpayers.

“Taking advantage of taxpayers by using public monies for personal expenses is not only illegal its offensive. This type of behavior erodes the foundation of integrity and ethics citizens expect and deserve from those placed in positions of trust and responsibility, such as a school superintendent.”

North Providence Police Chief, Col. David P. Tikoian thanked North Providence Police Detective Christopher Cote, the Rhode Island State Police Financial Crimes Unit and the Attorney General’s Office for their "attention to detail and investigative tenacity with this case."

"Although this most recent public corruption case is unfortunately one of many that involved a public servant who was appointed to a position of trust and responsibility, the residents of North Providence can take some satisfaction in knowing their police department took proactive action, launching an investigation into this wrongdoing, which resulted in successful prosecution and repayment of funds to the town," he said.

"Again I wish to applaud the efforts of our dedicated, hardworking, law enforcement officers, prosecutors and judiciary. Working together on this investigation was a fine example of the collaboration which exists in the Rhode Island Law Enforcement Community," the chief concluded.

The Valley Breeze will follow-up with a more detailed story in print next week.


She should pay back her salary for the year. Everyone including the School Committee was aware she was never at work.

Until corrupt individuals and politicians are punished harshly,RI corruption will flourish and grow , as it is right now ... Probation ? What a joke !!!! They all get a slap on the wrist !!! No wonder people HATE and Distrust the government ...

I wouldnt consider myself a vindictive person but I’d make an exception for this woman . No public apology , No expressions of remorse . She should have been sent to jail