Chief warns residents after string of break-ins

Chief warns residents after string of break-ins

SCITUATE – Police Chief Donald Delaere is warning Scituate residents to lock their car doors at night as the department is on the lookout for thieves responsible for a series of vehicle break-ins beginning last week.

Delaere said the series of larcenies began Nov. 18 and has continued almost every night since. The suspects are walking up driveways and checking car door handles to see if cars are unlocked.

In two nights he said 25 cars were broken into and had items stolen from them. He said the robberies were concentrated in the North Scituate and Chopmist Hill areas, and he suspects it will continue to spread around town.

“I hate to say it, but we’re allowing the criminal to steal from us leaving our vehicles unlocked,” the chief said. “That being said, people need to be reminded to secure their cars. We’ll keep on investigating it and any leads we’ve been following up with daily.”

Delaere said there is video footage of suspects walking up a driveway and testing a car handle. He said all robberies occurred in unlocked cars. The thieves are not breaking windows or prying open doors, according to the chief.

He said victims reported that the robbers stole wallets, cash, credit cards, and jewelry.

“They go right into the vehicle and steal anything available. Anything,” he said.

Delaere said he is concerned the thieves will escalate and possibly steal a vehicle if the keys are left in it and it’s unlocked.

He said robberies are taking place in the evening hours at various times of night, and the night shift is vigilantly patrolling as they search for suspects. Delaere said the department follows up on every tip and lead.

“Our guys will not stop. They’re relentless. I guarantee we’ll break the case,” he said.

Delaere said nearby towns of Glocester, Foster, and some towns in Connecticut are experiencing similar incidents.

“People need to secure their vehicles and keep a keen eye if the motion detector goes off. Then call and report it to the police,” he said.

The chief said the town experiences a spike in car larcenies this time of year, but rarely to this degree.

The chief is asking for help from the community. He asked that any person with information about suspicious activity to call the Scituate Police Department at 401-821-5900.