No tickets yet for blocking the box

No tickets yet for blocking the box

A sign warns of a fine of up to $500 for blocking one of two painted boxes at the exit ramps from Route 146 to Mineral Spring Avenue in North Providence. (Breeze photo by Nicole Dotzenrod)

NORTH PROVIDENCE – Local police haven’t issued any tickets to drivers for blocking the exit ramps at Route 146 and Mineral Spring Avenue since new “don’t block the box” painted traffic control devices were installed a couple of months ago.

The painted squares with X markings inside of them seem to be working in reminding more drivers to stay out of the intersection and allow traffic from other directions to flow freely, say officials.

Chief Arthur Martins, responding to a Breeze inquiry this week, said he can’t locate any citations for drivers stopping their cars in the white painted X at the end of either exit ramp.

“I have not received any complaints from the public, nor have I received any feedback from our officers that a problem exists,” he said.

He said he spoke to several officers and they said they have not seen any issues at that intersection of late.

Installed near each painted box in directions are signs informing drivers that they could be fined up to $500 for stopping in the box.

Edging into the area of the white painted lines effectively blocks traffic as the guilty party waits for the cars in front of him to move, leading to longer waits for those coming off the highway and cars sometimes backed up onto the highway.

The Breeze reported last fall on how Marieville resident Rosanne Siravo had successfully lobbied the Rhode Island Department of Transportation for the addition of the painted boxes, bringing more backing to a law that is rarely enforced.

Siravo couldn’t be reached this week on whether she’s seen a difference since the boxes were painted.

The State Traffic Commission approved the addition of the pavement markings and signs last July.


Seems to be working. No tickets issued. How about the Breeze asking the local police departments for the number of violations issued on the “hands free law” enacted last year. Compare it to the number issued when it first was enacted. We saw those numbers in the Breeze. I’ll guess no one would disagree with me that nothing has changed (except the number of violations) as I see numerous motorist daily with phones to their ears. If we see them why don’t the police see them. Compare the numbers. My guess is it’s Zero