Heart sculptures spread joy in Hope

Heart sculptures spread joy in Hope

Keith Yeaw and his son, Kole, display one of many wooden heart-shaped sculptures the pair made to give to Scituate teachers.

SCITUATE – To shine a ray of light into the lives of Hope Elementary School teachers, logger Keith Yeaw and his son, Kole, created wooden, heart-shaped sculptures with inspiring messages displayed at the school.

Keith said he always dabbled in carving with chainsaws and saw an opportunity in the scraps from his side wood-planing business.

He said that teachers and students are working “super hard” through virtual learning, and he wanted to do something to give back. Though Kole didn’t operate the chainsaw, Keith said it will not be long before he is running one.

“I just wanted to give back a little during these unprecedented times,” Keith said.

Keith carved a dozen wooden hearts from one piece of wood in one afternoon, then turned to Kole for help writing encouraging words on each heart.

“He’s my number one helper and is always right next to me,” Keith said.

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Kole, a 4th-grader at Hope Elementary on North Road, helped his dad come up with inspiring phrases written with “giant Sharpie” on the sculptures. He decided on the words kindness, hope, stay safe, wash hands, smile, and teachers rule. Others have smiley faces, and a large, two-hearted sculpture says “thank you.”

Keith said teachers at Hope Elementary School love the project, especially Kole’s teacher, Wilma Napolitano, who is “head over heels that he would make something like that for them.”

“Anytime during the school day, he can pop her up and have questions answered,” Keith said.

Keith said one day he and his son might go stain the hearts to make them last longer.

Kole Yeaw, a 4th-grader at Hope Elementary School, helped his father, Keith Yeaw, create wooden heart signs wiht messages of hope and thanks to Scituate’s teachers. The pair created around a dozen sculptures that sit outside the school.