Smug scores with new Traitorade beer

Smug scores with new Traitorade beer

Smug Brewing has sold out of its new Traitorade, a key lime sour that pokes fun at Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski for leaving the New England Patriots to play for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, which was released on June 10. A second batch is in the works and should be ready in a couple of weeks. 

PAWTUCKET – A week after creating Traitorade, which pokes fun at Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski for leaving the New England Patriots, Pawtucket’s Smug Brewing has sold out of the new beer but has a second batch that will be ready in a couple of weeks.

“Customers love it,” Rob DaRosa, co-owner of Smug, told The Breeze, adding, “I hope people enjoy the fun spirit of it and (don’t) take it too seriously.”

The beer is described as an imperial fruit sour with Florida key limes and a dash of sea salt.

The idea came about one day while staff was canning and found out that Gronk “un-retired himself” and decided to join the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, along with Brady. “We were angry about that,” DaRosa said. Someone threw out the word traitor, which “spitballed into Traitorade” and they began thinking what that would look like as a beer.

“It had to be salty and had to be sour because that’s what we are right now,” DaRosa said. To tie in Florida, he threw key limes into the mix.

The can’s design includes a play on the Buccaneers’ throwback “Bucco Bruce” logo.

The first batch was released on June 10, DaRosa said. A four-pack of the 16-ounce cans costs $18 and so far Smug has sold more than 500 units. “Our distributor told us we should make more,” he said, sothey’re working on a second batch that will go into distribution in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. In the meantime, folks may be able to find some at a liquor store from the first batch until it’s back at the brewery.

DaRosa, who said he’s a big football fan and has cable simply to watch Patriots games, said he’s not actually mad at Brady and Gronkowski but thought the beer would be funny. “We are a little salty,” he added.

“I know some people will be a little upset about this beer, just remember it is just a joke,” reads a post on Smug’s Instagram account. “We love our two former Patriot players. That being said we have a unique brew for you. … This beer reminds me of getting old and having to retire in Florida.”

While many commented in support of the brew, excited to try it and finding it humorous, DaRosa said some people have been genuinely upset, emailing him to tell him he should be more respectful of the players and what they’ve done for New England. “It’s football,” he said.

He’s also heard from people who thought it was just a gimmick and that the beer wouldn’t taste good who really enjoy the flavor. DaRosa said his team worked to create a palatable beer that has a balance of salty and sour. “It surprises people that it is a good beer.”

Due to restrictions amid the ongoing health crisis, Smug’s building, located at 100 Carver St., is closed but people can still order beer for curbside pickup.

Also in the works, DaRosa said, is a collaboration with Borealis Coffee Company, which has a new roasting space in Pawtucket.

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The traitor is Bill being Bill. He does not pay or make it fun to play! I am now a Buc fan and cancelled my Boston Globe Paper.
"Come on Tommy"