Scituate’s 2020 class president lights up the night

Scituate’s 2020 class president lights up the night

Class of 2020 president Brenden Machowski and classmate Ashton Norgaard created two flashing 2020 signs placed on the front lawn of Scituate High School to celebrate the unique class.

SCITUATE – Reflective of the Class of 2020’s bright future ahead, senior class president Brenden Machowski continued celebrating his classmates’ success by creating two light displays on the front lawn at Scituate High School.

Machowski and his friend Ashton Norgaard, also a member of the Class of 2020, decided to give another round of applause to their class by creating the LED signs, which read “2020,” to light up the night in Scituate.

The pair chose to do the signs in Scituate blue, and they include nine sequences for the lights to flash and dance. Machowski said he and his neighbor worked on the project together with permission from Principal Michael Hassell.

Machowski said he felt his fellow classmates did not get the celebration or graduation that was deserved and wanted to give one last thanks to his class.

“I wanted to do it to make my classmates happy and for people to remember our class,” Machowski said.

While he said he enjoyed the recorded virtual graduation ceremony, Machowski felt he and friends missed out on graduation parties and spending the last few months together.

He left a poster board near the signs for students to write messages and sign their names, similar to a yearbook, Machowski said. He asked students to bring their own permanent marker for safety reasons.

He said he hopes the lights will stay out front of Scituate High School for the end of the month to remind his classmates that they are distinctive. Machowski said he’ll bring the signs to his home for his graduation party, planned in late August.

The light display can be viewed at the high school, 94 Trimtown Road, evenings until 10:30 p.m. when the lights will be turned off out of respect for neighbors.