Birthday Club

Birthday Club

Aug. 1

Amayra C. Leporacci, Happy 7th Birthday! Love, Nana, Papa and mother

Happy 7th Birthday, Amayra C. Leporacci! Love, Daddy, Mommy and Korra

Aug. 4

Bradley Burroughs, Happy 14th Birthday! We all love you very much! On your way to high school! Grandma, Grandpa, Mom, Dad and Bella

Aug. 8

Emily Grieve, to a delightful grandniece, and boy what a gymnast! Lots of love Aunt Nell and Uncle Tony

Aug. 9

Happy Birthday, Gerry Duhamel! Love, Kathy Jarry XO

Aug. 12

Becky Tellier, lordy, lordy, look who’s 40! From, Deb, Lou and Otis

Aug. 14

Adrianna Fortin, Happy Birthday, Puddin’! Love Pepere and Gram

Happy Birthday, Taylor Paige Quinn! I love you to the moon and back! Love, Mum-Mum

Aug. 16

Luke Thorpe, to my favorite youngest brother, a computer whiz and smarter than he thinks! Love Mare and Tony

Aug. 20

Izabella R. Masse, Happy 11th Birthday to the love of my life! Goya/Fluffy

Aug. 23

Happy Birthday, Kayla Montanari-Jamieson! Best birthday gift – daughter, Mya Rose! Love, Grandma Chris

Aug. 27

Judy Berthelette, Happy Birthday, Sis! Love ya, Deb