Ferri: Pause and remember

Ferri: Pause and remember

As the 19th year remembrance of that tragic 9/11/2001 day is approaching, let us pause and once again remember the approximately 3,000 innocent lives that this senseless act of terrorism took from us and the many wonderful people whose hearts were shattered.

This awful event reached us here in the Blackstone Valley, as two undeserving young adults, Shawn Nassaney of Pawtucket and Lynn Goodchild of Attleboro, were taken suddenly from their loving families and the so many caring people whose lives they touched.

In Shawn and Lynn’s memory, the County Street Bridge at the Pawtucket/Attleboro line is dedicated in their honor. An honor so deserved as are thoughts of them and the many who were lost that day

Perhaps a brief pause at the County Street dedication site, or taking a moment to reflect upon that terrible event and the scars left behind, could be set aside not only this week, but at anytime so their memories will never ever fade.

May God bless them, their families, and America.

Bob Ferri

Central Falls