Loporchio grateful for his win, stunned by the margin

Loporchio grateful for his win, stunned by the margin

NORTH PROVIDENCE – It’s a known trend in politics that challengers rarely succeed in taking out an incumbent of the same party without creating some level of dissatisfaction with the status quo.

But Democrat Steven Anthony Loporchio bucked that trend in a big way last week, beating endorsed Democrat Manny Giusti by a wide margin without ever going negative and without trying to combat Giusti’s promotion of a laundry list of town successes during his 16 years on the council.

Loporchio told The Breeze that he had a good vibe on election day, increasing his confidence, but the margin of victory stunned him and was a very pleasant surprise.

Loporchio scored 61.6 percent of the total, or 818 votes, while Giusti won 510 votes, or 38.4 percent. Included in that total, he also handily beat the incumbent on both mail ballots and emergency ballots.

The winner, who will not face a general election challenger, said he can’t thank his supporters enough, including those who helped him to the win in the winner-take-all District 1 Town Council primary. He gave a lot of credit to the “wonderful people” who directed him to “do the right things in the right manner.”

It wasn’t easy, he said, but maintaining a door-to-door campaign strategy even during a pandemic played a “critically important” part in achieving the win.

“When push comes to shove, I think people like people, they want to hear what you have to say,” he said. A voter can see the sincerity in a face that they can’t see in an email, he said.

“Now it’s on to the work part of it,” he said.

In a post-primary release, Loporchio said he was humbled and grateful to have been elected as one of two council members in District 1, along with Ronald Baccala Jr.

“It is with unmeasurable thanks and praise to the kind people who voted for me, the many volunteers who offered their time and efforts throughout my campaign, my amazing family, and of course the support and endorsement from brave and honorable North Providence Firefighters Union Local 2334 IAFF for their help and guidance in my first attempt in local politics,” he said.

“I look forward to working with the Town Council and officials to make North Providence a ‘model town’ throughout the country,” he added.

Finally, he said, “I know I stand with the entire town in giving a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to Mr. Giusti for his many years of service to North Providence.”