Rogers loves that red hobbit door has become such an attraction

Rogers loves that red hobbit door has become such an attraction

Tom Rogers has created quite an attraction at Slater Park with his painted hobbit door.

PAWTUCKET – Back in June, The Breeze shared the story of how Tom Rogers had used his chainsaw to clean out stumps in Slater Park to plant flowers in them.

Rogers soon found another creative endeavor, bringing many more smiles to visitors at the park with his red painted hobbit door and a pair of carved stump seats. The door has been deemed everything from a fairy door to a gnome entrance.

“Call it what you want,” says Rogers, as long as it’s making people smile.

He said he can’t believe how many people he sees stopping by the door, which doesn’t open but is painted red to appear so. Many visitors take pictures with their children or pets.

“Every day people are adding things around the base of it,” he said, including two more painted rocks on Monday. “It’s incredible.”

He treated his two wooden stump chairs for termites and bugs last week, he said, and he planned to sand them again on Tuesday before sealing them with clear stain later this week. A sign now reads “Slater Park Natural Chair” behind one of them, with special thanks to its creator.

Rogers said the door near the gardens is the real crowd-pleaser.

The goal, he said, is to bring smiles during a tough time, and he thinks he’s succeeding. It’s just another example, he said, that one person can make a difference.

Each morning, Rogers said he stops by the tree to sweep the white rocks back toward it. The tree has become so popular that at least three people chose it as the subject of their entries into the city’s 2020 photo contest.

Rogers, a city resident who’s retired from a career in district sales, walks Slater Park each morning and does what he can to beautify it, including watering his plants and sprucing up memorials.