Lincoln awards LED streetlight bid

Lincoln awards LED streetlight bid

LINCOLN – Lincoln has officially selected PRISM Streetlights to partner with on the town’s conversion to LED lights.

Lincoln and Smithfield have agreed to award bids to the local nonprofit PRISM, moving forward with separate bids adapted to each community’s wants and needs. Lincoln served as the host bidder for Smithfield and Woonsocket, seeking companies to convert existing town-owned lights to LED, and to purchase and install controls and maintain the lights before and after the conversion. Five contractors submitted bids, with the lowest being PRISM at $712,000.

Town Planner Al Ranaldi and Councilor Ken Pichette said the conversion to more energy-efficient lights will save more than $4 million in utility costs over the next decade.

The project will include a pilot program during which PRISM will install lighting samples for towns to review, remove and dispose of the existing lights, install town-approved LED lights, repair or install new posts and poles, and provide an updated streetlight inventory.

Ranaldi said National Grid has been strongly promoting the conversion to LED lights, noting the anticipated savings. He said the three communities are also receiving a 2 percent discount for joining together on the project.

“They will each be individual projects, but because (PRISM) can order en masse, we can get a 2 percent discount,” he said.

Town Administrator Joseph Almond told the Town Council on Tuesday that savings would begin to be realized after the first four years or so, but not before.

Once the town is fully converted to LED, the state is expected to take over the cost of lighting state roads, which Almond said will result in additional savings for the town.

The Town Council also awarded a bid to RP Iannuccillo & Sons Construction Co. for $163,900 to reconstruct the culvert under Sherman Avenue, work that was approved and budgeted for during the last Financial Town Meeting. Design specifications will be approved by BETA Engineering for $9,750.

In addition, the council voted to waive bidding on appliances for the Lincoln High School project for a total of $30,378. The appliances, to be used by teachers and students, will be purchased from Broadway Appliance & TV through the state’s master pricing agreement.