DuPont concedes to Archambault for a second time

DuPont concedes to Archambault for a second time

SMITHFIELD – For the second time in two consecutive elections, Sen. Stephen Archambault defeated his opponent in the Democratic primary for District 22 after Melanie DuPont conceded last Friday morning, Sept. 11.

Both candidates waited until the Rhode Island Board of Elections released final counts including the 858 mail-in ballots, as well as 758 in-person ballots on Sept. 8 and 154 early votes.

Due to the large number of early voters, the Board of Canvassers did not release election results until late last Thursday afternoon, and DuPont did not concede the race until the next morning.

Archambault earned 1,341 votes total, with 957 in Smithfield, 354 in North Providence, and 30 in Johnston. DuPont had 927 votes, with 649 in Smithfield, 251 in North Providence, and 27 in Johnston.

Across the district, Archambault earned 59.1 percent of the vote to DuPont’s 40.9 percent.

DuPont was making a second try at Archambault’s seat. Archambault defeated DuPont in the 2018 primary. Her total was slightly lower in that race, at 37.6 percent of the vote.

DuPont said she’s learned plenty of new ways to serve in talking with residents, and will continue to do so through the Rhode Island Political Cooperative, Sunrise Providence, the Rhode Island Democratic Women’s Caucus, and state leaders.

“This election has shown me what is possible when we work together, and this has strengthened my resolve,” she said in a statement.

“I regret that I cannot serve as your state senator to help make our vision real. But I hope that enough new state senators will be elected by November 3 to make the changes we urgently need,” she said.

Archambault said he congratulated DuPont for her campaign.

He said he is honored that voters recognized the work he’s accomplished at the Statehouse.

“I look forward to communicating my message of bringing back jobs, continuing to lend a helping hand to those in need in these difficult times, and holding the line on taxes to Smithfield, North Providence and Johnston voters,” he said.

Archambault will face Republican Paul Santucci, former president of the Town Council in Smithfield from 2016 to 2018, and independent Steve Tocco in the Nov. 3 general election.