Schools set to amend policy on face coverings

Schools set to amend policy on face coverings

NORTH PROVIDENCE – The School Committee is set to take a vote on whether to amend its policy to reflect state guidance allowing some people to potentially not wear masks if they meet certain standards related to their health.

The school board passed a mask policy at its October meeting, but after doing so, the Rhode Island Department of Education issued clarifications on mask-wearing through a challenge in another district, said Supt. Joseph Goho.

In response, he said, the North Providence policy has been revised to reflect those changes and will be voted on at the School Committee’s meeting tonight, Nov. 18.

The clarification to be added is that applicable aspects of Section 504 of the Americans with Disabilities Act must still be considered when implementing the mask policy, said Goho, essentially meaning that a person with an appropriate medical condition may potentially qualify for an exemption to the mandate.

The School Committee is able to vote on a policy and create it immediately as long as it’s advertised and voted on as an agenda item at a public meeting, which is what was done last month, said Goho.