Scituate says no to Big Brothers Big Sisters collection bins

Scituate says no to Big Brothers Big Sisters collection bins

SCITUATE – Scituate will not participate in the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Rhode Island program placing collection bins around area communities, citing dumping and unsightly buildup of donations outside bins as reasons to hold off.

During a Town Council meeting last Thursday, the council unanimously rejected allowing BBBS to bring six collection bins to Scituate, even as officials from other communities welcome the nonprofit.

Councilor Abbie Groves said BBBS requested permission to put donation bins at Town Hall, Animal Control, the Police Department, Department of Public Works, Tasca Field and Scituate High School.

Groves said most of the bins would be in North Scituate, and not spread out enough.

Building Official George Dumont sent a letter to the council opposing the addition of the collection bins, and said in his experience the containers become a collection area for furniture, mattresses and trash bags.

“They are nothing more than a nuisance and become a rodent harborage,” Dumont wrote.

He said he received numerous complaints about the management and lack of oversight from companies that furnish collection bins.

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Town Clerk Margaret “Peggy” Long presented the nonprofit’s request for containers in town, and said the organization will give money back to local charities for donated items.

“They’ve been very pleasant and persistent,” she said.

Long said that while other communities have had success with the program, she prefers to call BBBS to pick up donations when she cleans out her home. She suggested creating biannual donation days for people to bring items to a large collection bin to prevent buildup around town.

Councilor Tim McCormick said BBBS is an honorable cause that is good for the community, but he fears bringing in the collection bins would open up the doors to other donation bins from companies such as the Salvation Army or Goodwill.

“The reality is we do not have a lot of open space in town. Let’s wait and see the experience in other towns and wait,” McCormick said.

Councilor Gary Grande said BBBS will pick up items once each week and will not allow stuff to pile up outside the bins.

Councilor-elect Theresa Yeaw agreed and said the matter should be tabled for some time. She said she’s always had a good experience with BBBS doing home pickups.

Yeaw suggested that people who need to donate should bring donations to Trinity Church or other organizations in town.


This town counsel has other agendas. Like ruining property values for special friends.While giving permission to build businesses in the back yards of others,that aren't zoned for business. Then the residents will be paying for the rest of their days here in Scituate,dealing with the fallout from the business,like noise, water and air pollution,etc.But they look like the good guys,for letting him build.Typical Scituate style.