City planning fireworks spectacular July 3

City planning fireworks spectacular July 3

PAWTUCKET – Darkened McCoy Stadium will be bright for one night when the city sets off a one-time fireworks display on July 3, the date the stadium’s largest display was traditionally held when the Pawtucket Red Sox were playing here.

Mayor Donald Grebien and the Pawtucket City Council announced that the city will be hosting the Independence Day celebration fireworks event at McCoy Stadium at 9 p.m. that day.

The Breeze previously reported that the city was working on holding some type of fireworks display despite the stadium no longer being occupied by the PawSox, with the team previously responsible for up to 17 fireworks displays per season. Developers of a new soccer stadium on the riverfront have said that they want to be part of future displays.

“For over a year, our community because of the pandemic, like so many others across the nation and the world, has gone without community events that bring us all together,” said Grebien. “We hope that the continuation of this longstanding tradition will help to bring a sense of normalcy and Pawtucket pride to the community that everyone can enjoy.”

Last year’s event was called off after the PawSox season was canceled, helping contribute to a huge increase in neighborhood fireworks. Police have said they’re planning more intensive enforcement efforts around curbing illegal fireworks this year.

The City Council this week will also hear a request from representatives of the Pawtucket Country Club for a one-hour fireworks display on the golf course July 4.

This year’s July 3 event at McCoy is structured to be different than in years past since there will be no baseball game prior and the stadium will be closed to the public. The city has engaged with Atlas PyroVision Entertainment Group Inc. through the Fireworks Committee and the display will be set off from the inside of the stadium to be seen across the city. In case of bad weather, the rain date is Monday, July 5.

“I want to thank the council and all of the residents who have reached out about this event,” said Grebien. “We know it is a crowd favorite and, now that restrictions are lifting, are happy to have celebrations once again.”

Grebien said the community has been through so much, and this longstanding tradition will bring about a sense of normalcy and Pawtucket pride.

“We look forward to an event that everyone can appreciate and enjoy,” he told the City Council in a letter.