Police: No further incidents at Punto Final

Police: No further incidents at Punto Final

PAWTUCKET – After hearing about repeated violations related to closing times and pandemic restrictions, the City Council’s Board of License Commissioners in April levied harsher-than-typical penalties against the owners of the Punto Final Hookah Bar at 31 Summer St.

After a month and more of operating with a required regular police detail and no additional incidents, the owners will be back before the board tonight, June 9, for a possible elimination of that requirement.

Capt. David Holden, in an update to the board May 24, said the detail requirement began April 29 for every Thursday through Saturday through May 22, with the exception of May 6 and 13 when the establishment was closed.

“After the 30-day period, an internal check was conducted,” he wrote. “There have been no incidents of concern regarding Punto Final.”

The board originally made an example out of the bar at Councilor Tim Rudd’s recommendation, “sending a message” as Rudd put it that businesses wouldn’t be allowed to continue ignoring rules and getting away with it.

The bar was fined $1,000, ordered closed for the remainder of the week, and its owners told they must hire a regular police detail and have the hookah portion of their business suspended.

Police originally detailed multiple violations, including officers being locked out as dozens of patrons remained drinking and smoking inside well after the 1 a.m. closing time.

Owners said they’d closed the doors due to “constant issues” at Vibe Lounge across the street and had patrons leave out the back door. The board would later revoke the license for Vibe Lounge.