ETHAN SHOREY – Our opinion pages: A place for everyone

Next week, radio and TV host Dan Yorke will start in his new role as a Breeze columnist, replacing Tom Ward. As I announced last week, educator Erika Sanzi is joining us in a monthly role. We’re also... more

ARLENE VIOLET – Change should be in the air

Change should be in the air with how our country does some business in the future. Clearly, the United States was at the mercy of receiving supplies from other countries after a reasonable stockpile... more

Letters to the Editor

Flanders: Limits to governor’s emergency powers?

On March 9, 2020, acting pursuant to the extraordinary powers that the R.I. Emergency Management Act (“EMA”) provides, Gov. Gina Raimondo declared a state of emergency in Rhode Island “due to the... more

Another reason to think about mental health

In the midst of an opioid overdose epidemic and an abundance of mental health concerns, our nation is witnessing a pandemic that has brought worry, isolation, grief and economic hardship. One way or... more

Sanzi: Rhode Island teachers have shown up for their students

To the teachers of Rhode Island, Many of you probably don’t realize that the hard work you’ve been doing for the past months is not the norm throughout the country. You have led the way while other... more

Comparing difficult times

Past memories keep comparing coronavirus with all the other serious calamities of years gone by. I now believe this worldwide pandemic is the most dangerous of all. I can recall the difficult days of... more

What is your message regarding the coronavirus crisis?

It’s often said that ... out of every bad there’s some good. This virus has certainly revealed many people’s personal traits For example, it has disclosed whether a person is or was: positive vs.... more

O’Neill: Let’s remember the ‘little things’ when the pandemic is over

During these days of social distancing, I find myself looking for rainbows amidst a sky of dark clouds, and more often than not, I see them in the “little things.” Music has always been one of my... more

The arts are needed in schools now more than ever

Nearly a year ago, I released a statement due to the thoughtless blanket layoffs of an entire Cumberland fine arts team. “Cumberland Band” would remain silent during the Fourth of July Celebration. “... more

Thank you, Cumberland EMS

Last Friday morning, my wife was awoken by a phone call and rather than disturb me, she jumped out of bed and went to go downstairs to take the call. But, as she was not fully awake yet and had the... more

Gemski: BVP took advantage of a loophole

I want to start off by saying I fully understand that these truly are challenging times for both public and private entities alike. But I have to admit that I was shocked and, honestly, a bit... more