DAN YORKE – Ballot question one of many hot topics

We have a new Supreme Court justice, Amy Coney Barrett. She is both constitutionally legitimate and the product of a GOP political switch pitch. This game was too big for the dying wish of Ruth Bader... more

ARLENE VIOLET – COVID-19 causes extreme family hardship

I must confess that I have little patience with folks who minimize the impact of the coronavirus. Recently, President Donald Trump had a meltdown when he attacked Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top... more

Letters to the Editor

Lilley: Marandola will help the town make good decisions

I’m writing to encourage my fellow North Smithfield residents to vote for Cheryl Marandola for North Smithfield Town Council. As she is someone new to town politics, I’d like to explain why I think... more

Lombardi: North Smithfield needs to band together

I have spent the last 22 years reviewing and reporting on government – the first 12 years as the Internal Auditor for the city of Providence, and now as the City Treasurer. I was also the Solicitor... more

O’Donnell: What you see is what you get with Beauregard

This is the first time I have decided to write a letter to the editor in support or lack of support for a political candidate. I live in nearby Smithfield and have been a keen observer of politics... more

Votta: Beauregard will work to make North Smithfield better

I cried when Barack Obama was elected president and I cried when Donald Trump was elected president – for very different reasons. Those of you who know me know where I am on the political spectrum.... more

Snodgrass: Gonzalez will put a fresh face on the council

I was fortunate enough to send to and receive an incredible email from Valerie Gonzalez. I presented three council relevant questions: She knocked all three out of the park. I was impressed with her... more

DaCosta: Metivier has my support

To my friends and fellow voters in District 1: Elections are always about difficult choices, but one easy choice for me is casting my vote for Jim Metivier for Town Council District 1. Jim and I... more

Loureiro: Metivier is committed to preserving our parks

As a kid growing up in the Valley, I remember when Currier Park was sold and my friends and I could no longer go there. The park was right across the street from Town Hall. Everyone could see how... more

Murray: Cast your vote for Metivier

To the residents of District 1 Cumberland: Many of you know me as mayor of Cumberland from 2015-2019. I am pleased to lend my support to Jim Metivier as candidate for councilor of District 1. Jim was... more

Councilmen defend Lincoln's record

Edmund Burke eloquently stated, “The only thing necessary of the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." It is therefore required that we cannot remain silent in the face of baseless... more

Robin: Thank you to the USPS

I just had a typically pleasant interaction with my postman, whose services are so crucial to the smooth operation of my small business. In these trying times, my USPS deliveries have also been... more

Scituate Democrats: Elect Democrats for a more balanced Town Council

As we enter the final days before Tuesday’s General Election, I’d like to share with voters how to learn more about what Scituate Democratic candidates bring to the table. I encourage you to visit... more

Pinkey: Reject Scituate’s Home Rule Charter

On Election Day, Scituate voters will be asked to approve or reject a proposed Home Rule Charter. After a careful review of its provisions, it is clear that only a “reject” vote will preserve... more

Dudemaine: Costantino’s attacks are baseless and self-serving

I have lived in Smithfield for many years and have served as a town volunteer. I am quite disturbed by Al Costantino’s baseless and frequent attacks against our public officials. The Town Council has... more

Ezovski weighs in on candidates

Many have asked for my thoughts on the upcoming North Smithfield Town Council and town administrator elections. I want to share my response. Like anyone, I have personal preferences but the... more

Frye: Zwolenski would be ready on day one

Who should I vote for town administrator in North Smithfield? Let me compare the two candidates. Mr. Osier has a college education and is using it in his career. He has served the town for two years... more

Commissioner Infante-Green stands above

After six months of seeing and hearing the governor with briefings about our state’s plan to combat the pandemic, it is my opinion that the one person who has demonstrated true leadership qualities... more

Accomplishments go hand-in-hand with opportunities

In a world obsessed with what we’ve done and what we’ve accomplished, it’s easy to forget that before we can have accomplishments, we need opportunities. This truth is on display all around us – each... more

Trying to explain America’s social unrest and protest

As we try to understand what has prompted the social justice protests across America, we must first note the tragic and unnecessary police killing of George Floyd and other African Americans, and... more

Robin: Thank you to the USPS

I just had a typically pleasant interaction with my postman, whose services are so crucial to the smooth operation of my small business. In these trying times, my USPS deliveries have also been... more