DAN MCKEE – Public education improves when town leaders get involved

Municipal leaders can make a difference in public education. I’ve seen it. I’ve lived it. Mayors, town managers, town administrators and council presidents are often sidelined in efforts to improve... more

ERIKA SANZI – Protect students now

Rhode Island is one of very few states where a teacher can legally have sex with their students. I was hopeful that 2019 was going to be the year that our legislature would do the easy and obviously... more

Letters to the Editor

Support our residents who are most in need

A news station reported Rhode Island would receive ($30 million of the) $50 million in settlement monies from Deloitte for the Unified Health Infrastructure Project, public benefits system, R.I.... more

Arnold: School choice ‘is not a silver bullet’

Arlene Violet recently argued that public education “needs more new ideas,” specifically Representative Fillippi’s “school choice,” allowing students in failing public schools to attend any... more

Privatization should be off the table

The Scituate School Committee is considering privatizing the custodians and plans to vote on whether or not to hire an outside vendor at the next School Committee meeting in March. Our custodians are... more

Hagen: ‘Get involved to save our precious democracy’

America’s constitutional Democracy has crossed the Rubicon as we watch the spectacle of Republican congressmen attack, lie, obfuscate, then trash our Constitution to give all presidents the absolute... more

Bikers Against Child Abuse: No child deserves to live in fear

Hello everyone. It is I, Hamster, your local member of Bikers Against Child Abuse reaching out to you once again. As we head into our fourth year, I wanted to do a little update. Right now we have a... more

Taylor: ‘Inclusion, not exclusion, is what makes a good community’

It seems as though a number of my neighbors have some concerns about the new apartments being built on Walker Street, and after reading Nicole Dotzenrod’s article, their statements have sparked some... more