DAN YORKE – We need to start following our neighboring state’s lead

It’s often been said that no new human idea is purely original. Precedents are borrowed and, as is natural or necessary, adjustments and advances are made. Acceptance of this concept can be... more

ETHAN SHOREY – A new website among the good things we’re up to at The Breeze

Our Valley Breeze website, www.valleybreeze.com, will have an all-new look and functionality as of early next week. The local content found both in our five print editions and online will be the same... more

Letters to the Editor

Musial: Yorke’s comments on medical attention are offensive

I just read Mr. Yorke’s column concerning the coronavirus. His closing comments I find extremely offensive. To come out and say people who have not received the COVID vaccine should be denied medical... more

Bouthillette: No farms, no food

I think it is wonderful that the town’s Economic Development Commission is planning a Savor Smithfield week. However, in your article Sept. 16-22 was it necessary to bash the farmer with Stephanie... more

Espanet: All children aren’t boys

I was quite taken aback reading Mr. Rosemond’s recent article on “grit.” Upon finishing the article I wondered why he would refer to children only as “Him and He” which he did no less than eight... more

Hadley: Is casino poker dead in Rhode Island?

This is an open letter to the gaming executives at Bally’s/Twin River. I am writing as a poker player, town of Lincoln tax payer and new shareholder. Congratulations on finally breaking ground for... more

Kerlin and Pickering: Planning Board made the right decision

To the Lincoln Planning Board: We would like to thank you for listening with an open mind about opposition to the proposed Cumberland Farms and Arby’s on Route 116 at Blackstone Valley Place. The... more

McManus: Unacceptable sidewalk conditions in Lincoln

On Monday, Sept. 13, our Town Council held a special meeting to discuss the unacceptable conditions of the sidewalks in several areas of Lincoln. The meeting was prompted by two of my e-mail... more

The best investment for Rhode Island’s future is our children

As we continue to battle COVID-19 and recover from the pandemic, Rhode Island has been given an unprecedented economic opportunity that will shape the course of our state for generations to come. How... more

Cervone: Fathers used to be portrayed differently

When I was growing up I remember fathers portrayed on television as intelligent, hardworking and faithful. They were depicted as the head of the family and were always present to give counsel to... more