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U.S. EPA Region 1 EPA Announces a Record of Decision for a Groundwater Cleanup Remedy at the Davis Liquid Waste Superfund Site The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announces the Record of Decision (ROD) Amendment 2 for an interim remedy addressing contaminated groundwater at the Davis Liquid Waste Superfund Site located in Smith eld, RI. The ROD Amendment 2, which formalizes EPAs selection of an interim remedy for cleaning up groundwater at the Site, includes the following components: In-situ treatment of groundwater contaminants with amendments to reduce the mass of Dense Non-Aqueous Phase Liquids (DNAPL), oil-like substances. The treatments may include oxidants, bio-amendments or some combination to be determined by pre-design studies. These amendments will be injected into targeted areas of the bedrock aquifer. Filling an existing man-made trench to maintain amendments in groundwater that ow into the overburden and focus groundwater ow in the overburden aquifer. Monitoring of the dissolved groundwater contaminant plume that extends northward in both the overburden and bedrock aquifers. Institutional Controls to prevent contact with contaminated groundwater and exposure to groundwater vapors that may intrude into future structures. Continued monitoring and assessment as well as Five-Year Reviews to assess the performance of the interim remedy and ensure the Site remains protective of human health and the environment. These actions will prevent current and future human health and ecological exposure to, and risk from, hazardous materials until a nal remedy is selected for groundwater at the Site. The interim action that EPA proposes defers the selection of a nal groundwater remedy for the Site pending an evaluation of the effectiveness of in situ treatment to reduce the presence of DNAPL. The estimated total present value of this proposed cleanup approach, including construction, operation and maintenance, and long-term monitoring is approximately $6.7 million. For more information on environmental remediation at the Davis Liquid site, please call: Darryl Luce, Remedial Project Manager, US EPA New England, 617- 918-1336 (phone), luce. darryl@epa.gov (email). The Administrative Record and information about the Davis Liquid Superfund site cleanup may also be viewed online at https://go.usa.gov/xv6vR or by computer at the Greenville Public Library, 573 Putnam Pike Greenville, RI 02828 (Note: Call the library in advance for hours open to the public). Due to government COVID-19 restrictions EPAs Of ces may not be open to the public. For questions or assistance in accessing Davis Liquid Superfund site records, call the EPA Region 1 Superfund Record Center at 617-918-1440 (phone) or R1.Records-SEMS@epa.gov (email).